One Eternal Round

A FEW YEARS AGO, I had a radio talk show called "Common Sense with Kenny Kemp" in which I discussed four important areas of life: the mind (science and politics), the heart (relationships and culture), the body (health and medicine), and the soul (spirituality).

I chose the four points because of Da Vinci's perfectly proportioned drawing of the "Vitruvian Man," in which the figure touches the circle (symbolic of eternity in many cultures) at four points.

For material, I drew from my own experiences, books I had read, and on-air interviews with learned and erudite people. Among others, I discussed evolution and intelligent design with microbiologist Dr. Michael Behe, relationships with Greg Godek, flaws in our educational system with Martin Gross, forgiveness with Fred Luskin, child rearing with Hal Urban, and reincarnation with Dr. Michael Newton.

With the advent of the "blogosphere," a term taken from "blog" (a redaction of "web-log") and "sphere" (a less accurate but more sonorous term than "blogiverse," I suppose), anyone can post their ideas, pictures, rants, wild ravings, and even a few educated, well-thought-out ideas and viewpoints.

It is into this last category I hope to fall with this latest permutation of "Common Sense with Kenny Kemp," but of course you will be the judge.

It is my intention to post once a week, when I have the time. I am a working writer, after all, with deadlines. That being said, I do intend to take this blog seriously. I will continue my investigations into new and interesting ideas, books, ponderings on current events, and timeless spiritual concepts. And I'd like very much to share the results with you.

If you bookmark this blog and find yourself coming back, then I will be satisfied that I have achieved my purpose. You may find many of my ideas liberal and others quite conservative. I know I do!

Your comments are welcome, as well as your suggestions for books I should read, websites I should visit, people I should interview, and current events I should discuss. You may e-mail me at or post comments here. Either way, I look forward to a spirited and honest exchange, with respect extended to all viewpoints, even if they're not mine!

I'm your host, Kenny Kemp.

The wind is at our backs
The road lies before us
And the journey . . . continues!

NEXT: The case for the existence of WMDs in Iraq

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