Is America Racist?

BARACK OBAMA WON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 53-46. Given the paroxysms of delight experienced by many who voted for him, in explaining his win I'm going to discount his policies in favor of his "presence," especially since he has moved to the center (even center-right on some issues) since the election. Those who hoped he'd start pulling our troops out of Iraq on January 21st must be sorely disappointed, but apparently, most are still in the spine-tingling thrall of his beatific beingness.

I tend to vote issues, not people. Domestically, George W. Bush was far less a conservative than I had hoped. I thus found it easy to distinguish between what I wish he had done and what he actually did. Thinking people can do no less; "feeling" people can do no more.

But the orgiastic Obamaniacs have no such healthy bifurcation of belief. They will blindly believe in the Messiah until the moment they lift him up on the cross. One wonders what it will take for them to turn on him? Not immediately declaring a loss in Iraq? No. Not immediately closing Guantanamo? Nope. Failing to raise taxes on the reviled rich? Escalating the Afghanistan war? Not at all. Nothing he's done seems to sway his bellicose believers. Nothing yet, at least. Perhaps if he goes on Rush Limbaugh's show.

So why are Obama supporters such true believers? Why would the electorate that voted him in not then turn on him (or at least point out his hypocrisy) when he flatly refuses to keep his campaign promises? The answer is simple and devastating: They are racists.

Since his failure to keep his word on the issues is not enough to discourage their support, only one reason remains for their fawning worship: it must be his race. Obama is black (well, half-black anyway) and those who voted for him and who still support him (his popularity as of this writing is a strong 67%) must have voted for him because of his skin color. It certainly could not be his enthusiastic campaign promise-keeping.

Racism, by definition, is allowing skin color to be a rationale for either liking or disliking another person. In our history we've seen ample evidence of "negative" racism. But the gushing, weeping, hallelujah-I-have-seen-the-light sort of "positive" racism has previously been low-key. Certainly, affirmative action is "positive" racism; a racism intended to reward a person for nothing more than the color of their skin. Way back when, Colin Powell had the Republican presidential nomination his for the taking, due to this sort of postitive racism. His behavior since that time proves that he is a RINO, a "Republican In Name Only." The GOP dodged a bullet when it came to Powell.

The election of an unaccomplished, half-term senator with a flimsy resume as a "community organizer" can only be explained in racial terms. He was black (sort of) and thus, the percentage of the electorate that responds to dark skin color (as opposed to his true heritage, which is half black and half white) eagerly voted him in.

Therefore, if one took the percentage of the nation that voted for Obama (53%), one could make the powerful case that America is indeed a racist nation. It remains to be seen, however, how many of his formerly adoring acolytes will continue to applaud his essence when he, by necessity and political instinct, turns from his campaign promises with the fluidity he shows on the court as he rolls off a pick toward the hoop. If they still faint in his sublime presence, the jury must return the only verdict possible:

America is racist.